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    Passionate, focused, excited and driven to make a difference, I have been working in human resources and the personal development field for 20 years. This work is the culmination of a lifetime studying the great minds in philosophy, psychology and business.  My work uses some of the most effective systems and techniques for personal and business transformation.

    In the corporate world, I lead two highly successful business turnarounds. Recognized for consistently high standards, outstanding personal and team performance, I focused progressively on business culture, creating a powerful relationship with all stakeholders.

    Advanced leadership skills gained working with the Anthony Robbins Organization, Steven Covey, Ken Blanchard and many others brought a level of empowerment to staff and management which delivered an enriching experience for customer and employee alike.

    A flat management model, and alignment of Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values in all facets of the organization delivered powerful stakeholder experiences and nationally recognized, award winning results.

    Specialties: Confidence, Success Mindset, Sales training, marketing strategy, advanced communication skills training, business and interpersonal success strategies. I use advanced psychological and interpersonal models, both cutting edge and ancient systems which deliver massive growth in personal and business results. Public speaking, training and crisis management are also areas of significant personal experience and effectiveness.


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    Quantum Breakthroughs

    That Courage Guy 

    Founder & CEO

    Jan 2009 – Present


    I support purpose driven business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to accelerate the results in their lives and businesses.  Certified as a Master Practitioner of several advanced transformational technologies and training systems, I work with individuals and groups to improve physical, mental and emotional resilience and well being.  Sales Reluctance, Anxiety, lack of confidence and other mindset problems are addressed in my work. Building high performance teams in businesses and supporting leaders in the creation, development and implementation of their visions is pure joy.

    CEO Space

    Lifetime Member 

    Oct 2009 – Present


    CEO Space is a business training laboratory and network.  Offering MBA level real world education in advanced business strategies and financing, CEO Space is a global community of business owners and leaders. World class faculty train specialty classes in sequencing, intellectual property, sales, marketing, business law, compliance and how to speak the language of capital.  A collaborative business community, CEO Space creates an environment of cooperative, integrity based capitalism.

    JLA Advisors & Trainers

    Founder, Head Trainer

    Feb 2006 – Present


    We are a consultancy and training organization specializing in leadership development, communication training and values systems methodology. My extensive operations background, Human Resources training and experience allows for personal and business intervention and training focused on high performance results.

    Times of rapid whitewater change call for skills and teaching that bring calm and mastery among leadership and employees alike.

    7th Power Team

    Board Member 

    Oct 2009 – Dec 2010


    Helped establish mission, vision, purpose and focus for a Tony Robbins inspired club of entrepreneurs and life motivators. Ran events, marketed, networked and spoke publicly, doing content based presentations.

    Evolution Seminars

    Support Facilitator

    2008 – 2010


    NLP Training and facilitation with Matt Brauning Master Trainer NLP.

    Master Property, LLC

    Managing Partner 

    2006 – 2008


    Researched properties, organized financials, created valuations, raised capital, organized teams for Real Estate acquisition.

    Robbins Research International


    2000 – 2009


    Advanced leadership, human resources and interpersonal skills training and facilitation. Personal development and training industry.


    General Manager 

    1989 – 2005


    Operational Management of $4-6 million dollar full service restaurant. Oversaw training of managers, staff in all departments, area training and mediation. 90-105 staff and managers delivering high quality food and beverage and an outstanding guest experience. Sanitation, quality, service, sales and facilities were my responsibility with an over-the-top attitude. Nationally recognized as Certified Training Manager, Regional Mediator, National sales increase and business growth awards.



    The best way to predict the future is to create it.



    Team Building

    Team Leadership

    Cross-functional Team Leadership

    Values Engineering

    Value Chain Analysis

    Values Alignment

    Natural Design

    Values Assessment

    Emotional Intelligence

    Deep Coaching


    Wealth Dynamics



    CEO Space

     2009 - Present


    Activities: Advanced communications and business training.

    Transform Destiny

     2011 - 2013


    Activities: Advanced hypnosis training and habit change protocols.

    Don E. Beck Spiral Dynamics

    Spiral Wizard Spiral Dynamics 2005 - 2013


    Activities: Advanced training in the Leadership Model and systemic structure of Spiral Dynamics.

    JTS Advisors

     2010 - 2010


    Activities: Master Coach training.

    Evolution Seminars, NLP (IMS I & II)

    MNLP, MCht, MTT Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Techniques 2008 - 2009


    Activities: Re-Certification for Practitioner and Master Practitioner Neurolinguistic Programming training  including Ericksonian Hypnosis.

    XL Results Foundation

    Entrepreneurship 2008 - 2010


    Activities: Wealth Dynamics training.

    Leadership Mastery

    Leader Leadership & Training 2003 - 2012


    Activities: Advanced team building and leadership training in Tony Robbins methodology of Strategic Intervention.

    Ron Legrand

    Real Estate Investor 2006 - 2009


    Activities: Extensive work in property evaluation through banks and Realtors.  60 bank negotiations for loan modification with only 1 of the homes auctioned.  Stopped 17 auctions at the last hour.  Recovered two homes post-auction.  28 home owners in long term modification agreements regardless of bank pessimism.  Extensive work with homeowners in crisis and mastery of negotiation protocols.



    Tony & Nicky Vee Seminars

    Master Relationship Coach Human Growth 2006 - 2008


    Activities: Certified Nicky & Tony Vee Relationship Specialist Coach.

    Keith Froehling Intl.

    Leadership & Training 2005 - 2007


    Activities: Speaker training.

    Synergetic Results Inc., NLP

    Steve Linder, Trainer

    MNLP, MTT, MCHT NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, 2005 - 2006


    Activities: Neuro Strategist Certification

    Mastery University

    Master's Degree Human Growth and Performance Enhancement 1999 - 2003


    Outstanding Group of People

    Activities: Advanced health, wealth and life purpose training.

    Trinity University

    Bachelor of Arts Philosophy 1979 - 1982


    Activities: Founded the Trinity University Philosophy Club.

    Eric Lofholm International

    2005 - Present


    Activities: Sales Training, scripting, planning. Marketing cycle and Quaterly review processes. Client needs assessment and advanced sales scripting.





    Johnnie Marie Urban

    Life Success Coach

    Jack is a detailed oriented person that goes above and beyond when it comes to helping others. He has the unique ability to be able to size up a situation and make the immediate corrections so that things run smoothly. Heart centered and with the gift of conversation, Jack is a must have person in your circle of friends and coworkers.

    Linda Combs

    RN Home Health at N&D Home Health

    Jack is an expert on assessing employee-employer relationships and was very helpful in analyzing certain behavior patterns that were not effective in my business and life relationships. Through his coaching I was able to think outside of my position and utilize his emphasis on avoiding a reactive stance versus an analytical, proactive method of dealing with inevitable difficult work and personal relationships. Linda Combs RN

    Ali Husayni

    Consultant, Speaker, Author

    My team and I worked with Jack as a business consultant for several months. He was honest, knowledgable, and sincere. He always gave it a 120%.

    He helped me understand issues with the way I was doing business and helped me make a better relationship with my team. I highly recommend Jack.

    Jahn Ballard

    Value Creation Accounting Officer & Senior System Steward

    Jack's consistently constructive and positive outlook is something I have learned I can count on from him all the time, along with knowing that he is listening very deeply. Jack listen's from a place of genuine concern for everyone's well being and full expression. His depth of knowledge on what it means to be human, and how each of us can find our way to being at peace with ourselves and in full expression of our potential, never ceases to surprise and delight me. I know that anything he hears, both stated and unstated, will be kept in strictest confidence, and used always to enable me to achieve my heart's desires. I would recommend him for serious consideration as a trusted advisor and valued ally to anyone.

    Brad Axelrad

    Consultant - Focusing Visionary Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants to Amplify Their Purpose and Value

    Jack is one of the most intelligent people I know. He is insightful and caring and knows exactly how to move you through blocks that are in the way from achieving results. I highly recommend working with him to take your life to the next level.

    Sanjay Shah

    ★Transforming Successfully Dissatisfied Professionals into Inspired Leaders ★ Executive Development ★ Leadership ★

    I had the fortune to meet Jack when he visited England and we quickly connected and stayed in touch. Since then, I have had the opportunity to get to know him and work with him on a number of occasions.
    Jack is an extremely knowledgeable bussinessman. He also knows how to use this knowledge to help others and he has a high level of people skills; combine these together and you have someone that stands out in a crowd and can help you make more of your life, in whatever area you need to improve in.
    If you have the opportunity to coonect with him, take it up as I did - you'll benefit in a lot of ways.

    Sun In Comfort Beth Griffin

    CEO/ Creative Designer

    Jack is one of the best coaches I have ever experienced! He has the capability to get you directly to your vision and passion and feel the energy. I recommend Jack on so many levels.. Not only is he a good coach, he is a professional and truly cares about your accomplishments. I would hire Jack to be on my team permanetly just for the support and confidence he gives.. Thanks so much Jack!

    Beth Griffin
    Sun In Comfort, Inc

    Rehan Allahwala

    Founder at Institute of Peace

    Jack is a great guy, I have talked to him many times on issues I was having in my Management, and he kept showing me the mirror which showed me the right direction, and path which I can walk on.

    I strongly recommend anyone who wishes to grow his business to talk with Jack and Take advantage of his great knowledge and skills.

    Sun In Comfort Beth Griffin

    CEO/ Creative Designer

    Jack is one of the most incredible personal coaches! His inspiration and knowledge is outstanding in any area. He know's how to connect and isolate issues on how to get you beyond your point of being stuck or blocked. His timing is impectable..his words of wisdom ring in my ears. I always take notes so that if I get stuck or need encouragement I can review what he has already expressed and revealed to me in our weekly meetings.

    I would recommend Jack to anyone who needs personal life coaching, career coaching. He has the capability to make you see things in many views but most importantly to see the value and capability we have within ourselves and the power of our minds!

    I Highly recommend Jack Austin

    Beth Griffin
    CEO 5/10
    Sun In Comfort, Inc

    Kardena Pauza

    Author and Creator at Kardenas Kitchen.com

    Jack is a wonderful and energetic person who's creative and knowledgeable. He cares about getting you the best results possible and your personal transformation.





    Greater Los Angeles Area


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