White Water World


White Water World Flow! Humans are innately resilient. The challenge is that much of our education, modeling and conditioning in life didn’t recognize this Truth. So many worldviews miss the critical piece, the critical distinction: We are enough and we already have what we need within us. But how do we “know” [...]

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Differences between Men and Women


Honey Do You Love Me? There is a curious thing that often happens between men and women in relationship, and sometimes guys might talk about it like it's a "trap", because usually they are blindsided and don't really understand what happened. The story usually goes something like this: the husband comes [...]

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Know the Learning Styles, Transform Your Life


Learning Styles and School Coping with Learning Disabilities The good news for those who are diagnosed with dyslexia and ADD—among other so called learning disabilities-- is that many of their symptoms and challenges are the result of self-generated mental strategies for processing, storing and recalling information. And these strategies are fully addressable through [...]

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Master Your Mind


The Mind-Body Disconnect? The Illusion of Thinking Let me throw a huge number at you: 67% That’s 67% of all office visits to family physicians are due to Stress-related symptoms. Ouch! How about another one? 77% In a 2007 study on Stress by the American Psychological Association, 77% of the participants [...]

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