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Quantum Breakthroughs is a business idea, insight, and approach designed to transform the businesses and lives of entrepreneurs and practitioners who may feel lost or burned out while traveling along the road to success.

Who is an Ideal Client?

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Jack’s clients are highly accomplished. These business owners typically have more than ten years’ experience in the fields they work in, like digital marketing, graphic arts, and alternative wellness practices like Chiropractic and Reflexology.

These clients have mastered the basics of their craft and taken their work to a level of art. Often, these individuals are parents with young children looking for more time, focus, and money. Most important to these individuals is the desire to form unbreakable connections with friends, family, and all others who matter most, while making a profound difference for their own clients, customers, and patients. Thus, it is said that the best clients of Jack’s are heart-based and purpose-driven. Impact is the key objective in his work and that of his Tribe.

Quantum Breakthroughs – A Search for More Time, Money & Freedom

What these clients have in common is that they want more for their business ventures and lives. The problem is that they don’t know how to close the gap between what they want and what they’ve already achieved.

They realize that what got them to where they are now won’t get them to where they want to be a year or five years from now, and though these men and women love what they’ve created, there is even a greater future potential awaiting them.

The problem is that these individuals don’t know the steps to take, the plan to success, the art of reinvention, or how to act in order to live out the lives they envision for themselves. As Einstein wrote, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

More often than not, these clients have lost their enthusiasm and have gotten off track while allowing their critical priorities to be hijacked, and because of the trade-offs, they’ve dampened their fire, their certainty, and are missing the key distinctions for activating the next level within themselves. They are missing inspiration, clarity, and belief to coach their business and life.

The best client has a positive attitude and powerful gift, and yet still remains frustrated by niggling details and common complaints about their limitations and the behaviors of others. These clients feel stuck because they’re not making the income progress and impact they desire. These individuals desire a lifestyle and work flow that brings greater ease and influence in all they do. You may also have these hidden inhibitors and challenges keeping your good life from being as great as it still can be. If you have achieved this level of success, only you feel disappointment with your business results, and yet know deep down that you make a powerful difference, Jack Austin wants to talk to you.

Schedule a call with Jack, the business consultant and life coach, to learn business development and marketing strategies as well as leadership skills, and to experience Quantum Breakthroughs in business and life.

Quantum Breakthroughs

Find More Time, Money & Freedom with a Proven System for Success

With Jack’s insight, you can transform every aspect of your life. You can learn to deliver more passion in your business and life and to balance them, while solidifying connections with those who matter most.

Here are just some of the ways he helps business owners like you transform their companies, employees, and lives in untold ways for greater success at work and home.

Value Chain Analysis for Improving Customer Value

Get insight into how to create the most value for customers, which in turn can help your company grow for steady wealth building.

Emotional Intelligence Training for Keeping a Cool Head

Jack provides emotional intelligence training for leaders, managers, and employees to give them the tools they need to master their mind and operate smoothly under pressure. This level of mastery over emotional control lends itself well to all aspects of a person’s life for the alleviation of stress and attainment of greater happiness.

Wealth Dynamics to Enrich Your Life

Build wealth without sacrificing your personal connections or denying yourself love and fulfillment. You can become the person you want to be, live the life you want to live, and earn the amount of money you deserve by working with Jack Austin at Quantum Breakthroughs.

Values Engineering & Alignment to Become Who YOU Want to Be

When life has left you frustrated, Jack can help you stop the racing thoughts. He can help you find more time in your day and in your work life so that you can find balance and joy in all you do. You can have the bustling business or practice and still find time for family, hobbies, and all the other pursuits that will help you get more excitement and satisfaction from the life you lead.

Cross-Functional Team Leadership Training for Improved Corporate Culture

Learn how to motivate teams and align departments for greater efficiency and improved results for the entire organization.

Enneagram Training for Amazing Self-Discovery

A powerful tool for personal and collective transformation, the Enneagram is a Greek symbol that represents nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others, and the entire world. Using this ancient system, Jack can help you achieve true transformation in everything you do, both personally and professionally.

Deep Coaching for Transformative Life-Improvement

Learn the secrets of self-discovery to transform every facet of your existence for improved quality of life. Reinvigorate your passion for business, solidify your connections with friends and family, and gain greater control over your life for ultimate satisfaction and freedom.

Team Building for Company-Wide Success

Increase productivity through the use of collaboration and improved communication. Your employees will feel empowered and motivated, creating a cohesive team that is able to overcome any obstacles for stellar results.

Schedule a Consultation with Jack Austin for Business & Life Transformation

Jack Austin wants to speak with you if you have attained a level of mastery in business, yet you still feel stuck in life. Are you unsure of how to proceed to the next level? Do you wish you had more time, money and freedom? If so, you deserve a call with Jack Austin.

His insight, management consulting, life coaching and business consulting services can help you find clarity around self-leadership. You can discover your natural blueprint and own level of success. Most of all, you’ll find yourself managing your life so that the best inner you shine through.

Get the life you dream about and start on the path to becoming the hero of your own success story with Quantum Breakthroughs. Schedule a call today.