What is Transformational Coaching?

What is Transformational Coaching?Jack Austin2019-09-25T11:52:45+00:00

Many doctors, therapists, coaches, and attorneys think of themselves as healers and not necessarily as business people. Yet, when you put up a shingle and open your doors to the public, you’re taking on a business.

Changing one’s perceptions and beliefs to master his/her mind and become more business minded is a significant mindset shift that isn’t easy to handle for many practitioners. When you have questions and the only information you can find is unhelpful, one-size-fits all advise, Jack can help.

Let him be your life, job and career coach and transformational guide when you find yourself held back and limited in your thinking and actions. Using Quantum Breakthroughs, Jack can help you live your true life with breakthrough results.

learn to transform your life and business

About Jack

Jack Austin is a master of self-reinvention, having reinvented himself from an early age as a son, student, athlete, artist, intellectual, corporate executive, and transformational advisor. After experiencing health challenges before he was even born, Jack quickly learned to be a lifelong student of and pursuer of truth. From struggling to find success to enjoying the fruits of his labors, Jack has honed his knowledge using applied strategies and techniques he learned working with mentors  from all walks of life. Jack has, in turn, discovered his internal resourcefulness, which has allowed him to overcome immense life challenges, as well as follow a path of continuous self-improvement. By 1989, Jack’s journey led him into leadership and corporate management utilizing traditional theories and models, including peer coaching, situational leadership, and people-centered leadership.

In 2009, Jack began following Clarity based on the Three Principles introduced by Sydney Banks. In late 2016, Jack immersed himself in this coaching. Jack deepened his experience and insight regarding the “inside out understanding of life.”

Over the past 28 years, Jack’s commitment and experience to personal and professional development has gone from theoretical and conceptual to deeply experiential, all while deepening his passion and effectiveness accompanied by a profound understanding of the inside out experience of life.

His vision of conscious capitalism has taken root and is flourishing through a context of deep grounding and expanded awareness that creates deep connections with people.

By working with organizations that have an authentic desire to impact society and the environment, and those with higher purpose who can move capitalism closer to its highest potential, Jack helps all organizational members find their true and highest potential, including customers, employees, suppliers, investors, stakeholders.

What can I do for you?


  • Fatigue?
  • Burnout?
  • Scarcity?
  • Lack of resources?

Are you an expert at your craft, only you’re feeling burned out and unfulfilled? Does your work massively impact your clients and patients?

  • Are you able to create miraculous results in your work?
  • Do other people in your field look up to you?
  • Are your results world-class?
  • Do your clients bring you multiple referrals?

If you want more peace, joy, and family time in life, all while experiencing exponential growth in your practice this year, you deserve to schedule a call with Jack Austin.


If these things are true and you don’t have a “full” practice OR you are missing the time you need for yourself and family, we need to talk.

My name is Jack Austin and I support holistic practitioners, chiropractors, and impact driven entrepreneurs to create the kind of win-win in their businesses that supports all parties while providing greater rewards and more time for YOU, the practitioner.

Using heart-based business systems, strategies, and deep personal work, I support my clients to create the practice they really want, not what they’ve settled for. Sadly, too many people settle because they don’t like “practice management” models or because they didn’t know it was possible to have both time and money.

  • Are You Missing the Mark?
  • Do you own a business?
  • Are you a leader?
  • Are you an elite level performer?
  • Do you get results in your specialty that are seismic?
  • Do your clients share stories of how you have changed their lives? And yet, with amazing, inexplicable, even magical results you run out of hours in the week…without enough of the premium clients that you need to truly, deeply fulfill your mission?

  • Do you ever feel like the best kept secret in your industry?
  • How can that be?
  • Is this completely confusing to you?
  • You truly care about your clients but the economy… the cash strapped needy clients… the people you know you can help but don’t have the time or money for your services seem to dominate your inbox/voicemail… how is it they are the ones showing up?

  • Do you see other people in your industry with fewer, lesser skills than you getting rich? Making a killing?

Do you see other people in your industry with fewer, lesser skills than you getting rich? Making a killing? And you know they do it using some mechanical “patient” or client management system that treats everyone like a number without delivering the authenticity, connection, or transformative results you provide.

If this sounds familiar to you, and you’re tired, frustrated, and burned out, you deserve to schedule a call with me, Jack Austin.

I’ve served clients from the restaurant business, SEO agencies, acting, financial planning, real estate investing, tech startups, deep tissue body work, specialized Chiropractic, hypnotists, a major Hollywood graphic designer and animation artist, off-road parts manufacturer, social media agency, architects, salespeople, multi-talented, multi-platform transformational early leaders in veganism, as well as coaches and others.

The commonality among these clients was that they were purpose-focused and heart-based inside, and yet they didn’t know how to breakthrough and make a difference in the world. These clients needed to scale.

If you are ready to shift your business and personal experience, and start feeling like you’re winning instead of grinding, it’s time we connect.

Click the button below and join my community of like-minded business owners and leaders to make a powerful, transformative difference in the world for the clients and patients you serve.

Deep inner work occurs prior to mindset work or simultaneous to it. Then comes values alignment, core vision/goals/letter/plan/visualization/meditation/regular exercise. Warrior philosophy/releasing/Iron John/recognition of the critical relationships/Faster EFT/Reframing/Parts work/Deep Clarity coaching/homeplay.

Are You Ready for Your Business Transformation?

Most people think they have to have one or the other, family or work, creativity or money, love or success; that you can’t have the work and life balance you want and you can’t be true to yourself and care about and connect with others. We’ve been deeply conditioned to believe that “life is a series of trade offs” and you can’t have what you really want, but what if that’s not true? What if that’s just a story? A victim’s story. A story we’ve been sold so long ago, so well-intentioned, that it sits in the early layers of our learning minds conflicting with our will? Our plans? Our dreams?

What if for some of us it stops us from dreaming anymore? What if for some of us it trips us up right as we start to make changes? What if it seems to deliver consistent disappointment that fills our minds with thoughts and images that keep us from giving our all? From trying?

What if it’s all made up? A story designed to protect a child from a world that isn’t safe, that’s confusing, a world that has rules set by others bigger, more powerful and who are irrational? Vindictive? Petulant? Violent? Angry?

What if the Greek Pantheon of Gods was a metaphor for the kinds of tribal, clan and familial passions and irrationality that exist in our disrupted, dysfunctional families despite our best efforts and strongest desires? What if this could all change? What if this could all change with us? Or with YOU, the one person on earth you actually have control and true influence over? And what if there was a way through this chaotic, emotional maze that allowed us to navigate clearly and calmly and with greater sense of ease and confidence?

What if it started in the realm suggested by Einstein when he wrote: “A problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created it.”

Well that’s my work. My name is Jack Austin… are you ready?


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