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White Water World


Humans are innately resilient. The challenge is that much of our education, modeling and conditioning in life didn’t recognize this Truth. So many worldviews, and most missing the critical piece, the critical distinction: We are enough and we already have what we need within us.

But how do we “know” this? How do we “live” this?

The opportunity to reawaken to our True Selves, to our innate capacity and ability, is to look past the layers of misunderstanding and habit to the core of who we are.

To evolve ourselves to the next level understanding of our innate capacity and to refine our capabilities to allow our inner knowing to come forward. To listen to inner guidance and regain the Trust in ourselves to ride the big surf of life and business with our balance and intuitive guidance rather than fight with the white water, trying to make the ocean change, we master our inner vision and ride the waves with our full selves.

Our current business environment is all about white water. The churning, tumultuous environment of constant motion and changing conditions. In real-time we have instant messaging and market trackers seemingly coming at us in an ever shifting flood. But the sense of overwhelm and fatigue this environment creates is not new. This environment has been meaningfully shifting and compounding since the 1950’s when the first impacts of electronic circuits, transistors and computers came into the marketplace. At first unwieldy, filling buildings for a single machine, now the same computing power can be held in the palm of your hand. So much so we find ourselves on multiple devices in minutes.

Steven Covey confronted this same issue in an earlier phase in his classic The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In a white water world people were looking for constancy, predictability, a center that would hold. And fresh into society in the 60’s came the popular philosophical attitude: Everything is relative. Now with a flip of the tongue, even more doubt was thrown into the mix. Because popularly what people took the Theory of Relativity to mean is that nothing is predictable because everything can only be understood in relation to another thing and thus nothing was “absolute” or finally certain. There was variability and potentiality everywhere. Even probability, but predictable certainty? The 1950’s were about control and predictability. The 1960’s rebellion and potential. The society, business, institutions were in flux because of the very powerful forces of technological growth.

Life itself is filled with awesome power, much like the ocean. The key at Quantum Breakthroughs is to evolve and shift so that “battles” and “wars” are seen with different eyes and an easier, lighter vision of power can be seen where before “force” was the perception.
My clients are highly accomplished. They typically have more than ten years experience in the fields they work in, like digital marketing, graphic arts, alternative wellness like Chiropractic and Deep Tissue Body Work. They have mastered the basics of their craft and taken their work to the level of art. Often they are fathers with young children looking for more time, focus, money, family, connection. They are heart based.

They have in common that they are sure there is more for them in their lives, and they don’t know how to get it. They don’t know how to do or be what they dream of being. They may have lost their enthusiasm, their motivation and settled into some type of disappointment with what they can have.

Often they think business requires them to make a tradeoff between money and love. They interpret the transactional culture we live in for the way that life and people “are”.

This type of thinking, this discouragement, leads to burnout. Exhaustion. Distrust. All types of explanatory theories for why they can have their impact on clients and patients and still not have the money, time, freedom that they desire in their work and life. Sometimes they assume that they have to give up their expertise in order to have the lifestyle they want.

Sometimes, they’re right, if they are not willing to think differently.

Most of the time they are experiencing a blindspot in their perspective. They can’t see or clearly observe their results and misunderstand the impact of their thinking on their feelings and quality of life results.

Repeatedly, what has worked miracles for my clients is a change of perspective, change of behaviors and smoothing of personal and business systems for changes in operations and results.

This looks like Flow, and delivers significantly greater impact, influence and effectiveness in work and private life. Time, money and freedom.

water flow

About the Author:

Jack regularly works with business owners who feel discouraged in business and throughout their lives. As we all know, this discontent can quickly lead to burnout. If this sounds all too familiar to you, maybe you were once motivated to run your business, but now you feel unsure, doubtful or distracted by so many shiny objects. You may feel you lack enough money, time, and freedom to run the type of business and live the life you want. By working with Jack, you can find your business transformed. Jack’s insight can breathe new life into your passion for enterprise and life. You can discover more efficient means for running your operations and for building additional wealth.

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