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Would you prefer your work to be purpose driven?

Are you taking on unfulfilling work just to “pays the bills”?

Do you dread not finding enough clients, patients or customers?

Would you like to see your results begin to flow with less effort?

Transformational coaching is a way of mastering your mind, improving your mental and emotional state, plus leadership skills with regards to clients, business goals and personal achievements. With the right approach and using the skills you probably already possess, these elements will begin to reveal themselves to you for a more enriching life. If this sounds intriguing, Quantum Breakthroughs may be right for you.

Dr. Ken Connor Business Transformation “Night and Day”

Case Study: “A” and from Headache to “My Zen”

Quantum Breakthroughs is the brainchild of Jack Austin, who offers personal and professional guidance to SMBs (small to mid-sized business owners) and holistic health practitioners. He is a career and personal development coach who can help you boost your personal growth.

Using a powerful proprietary system of deep coaching and bespoke personal work, he offers 1:1 guidance for the purpose of unlocking your potential for greater productivity, more free time, happiness, and fulfillment in the work you do.

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As a new client of Jack’s, you can expect him to take a comprehensive approach. During this process, you can expect him to help you transform your business, teams, and employees for greater success. In addition, he can help you become the person YOU want to be. If you want to be fully present in work and life, complete the form below and experience Quantum Breakthroughs for yourself.

Business Consulting

By making small and deliberate changes, you will begin to recognize who you really are, not who you’re supposed to be according to the outside world. Gain the strength and steadiness that comes from understanding the real you and recognizing your true potential.

Business Alignment & Team Building for a Successful Organization

Jack’s transformational business coaching and consulting programs are designed to deliver high-performance leadership training with lower costs, higher ROI and deeper employee engagement.

Using your existing infrastructure, he takes an inside-out approach to help you develop a company-wide and conscious business culture. This type of environment breeds purpose-driven employees who are then motivated to contribute to, co-create, and participate in something greater than themselves.

When team members feel this level of meaning behind their work, productivity tends to rise for beyond simple operational efficiency. The end result is a cohesive and synergistic team that rises to the occasion for business growth and organizational success.

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Create the Life You Want Using Deep Coaching & Self-Discovery

About Business Transformationalist, Jack Austin


The philosophy behind Quantum Breakthrough is that small, gradual, and definitive changes make massive impacts in your life. Jack Austin started the company based on the work that began when he was a young boy.

After facing many obstacles throughout his young life, he was committed to helping others, as a life and career coach and business advisor, discard their deeply ingrained limitations to realize their true potential in all aspects of their lives.

Today, he remains passionate, focused, and excited to make a difference in all of his clients’ lives. He possesses advanced leadership skills that he gained working with self-improvement experts like the Anthony Robbins Foundation, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and others.

Using what he’s learned and the success program he developed along the way, Jack can help you achieve a level of empowerment and enrichment that positively affects every aspect of your business and life.

Experience the Quantum Breakthroughs Difference

marketing and business development

Jack prefers to work with business owners and holistic practitioners who consider themselves experts in their field and who deeply feel some semblance of fulfillment and burnout.

If others look up to you and you’re able to deliver world-class results, yet you have a sneaking suspicion you could do more, then you deserve a call with Jack. Schedule that call today.


Jack uses advanced psychological and interpersonal communication models, which consist of both cutting edge and ancient systems, to deliver massive growth in areas like team building, public speaking, self-growth training, wealth building, and crisis management.

The goal is for you to experience self-reinvention and business growth as you work to provide more value for your customers while creating the most impact for the world at large.

Here are just a few ways Jack Austin and Quantum Breakthroughs can transform your business and every aspect of your life.


Jack is a detailed-oriented person that goes above and beyond when it comes to helping others. He has the unique ability to be able to size up a situation and make the immediate corrections so that things run smoothly. Heart-centered and with the gift of conversation, Jack is a must-have person in your circle of friends and coworkers.

Johnnie Marie Urban, Life Success Coach

Jack is an expert on assessing employee-employer relationships and was very helpful in analyzing certain behavior patterns that were not effective in my business and life relationships. Through his coaching, I was able to think outside of my position and utilize his emphasis on avoiding a reactive stance versus an analytical, proactive method of dealing with inevitable difficult work and personal relationships.

Linda Combs, RN Home Health at N&D Home Health

Jack is one of the most intelligent people I know. He is insightful and caring and knows exactly how to move you through blocks that are in the way of achieving results. I highly recommend working with him to take your life to the next level.

Brad Axelrad, Consultant - Focusing Visionary Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants to Amplify Their Purpose and Value

Jack is a great guy, I have talked to him many times on issues I was having in my management, and he kept showing me the mirror which showed me the right direction and path which I can walk on.

I strongly recommend anyone who wishes to grow his business to talk with Jack and take advantage of his great knowledge and skills.

Rehan Allahwala, Founder at Institute of Peace

Jack is one of the most incredible personal coaches! His inspiration and knowledge is outstanding in any area. He knows how to connect and isolate issues on how to get you beyond your point of being stuck or blocked. His timing is impeccable… his words of wisdom ring in my ears. I always take notes so that if I get stuck or need encouragement, I can review what he has already expressed and revealed to me in our weekly meetings.

I would recommend Jack to anyone who needs personal life coaching, career coaching. He has the capability to make you see things in many views, but most importantly to see the value and capability we have within ourselves and the power of our minds! I Highly recommend Jack Austin.

Sun In Comfort Beth Griffin, CEO/ Creative Designer

Jack is a wonderful and energetic person who’s creative and knowledgeable. He cares about getting you the best results possible and your personal transformation.

Kardena Pauza, Author and Creator

Jack’s consistently constructive and positive outlook is something I have learned. I can count on him all the time, along with knowing that he is listening very deeply. Jack listens from a place of genuine concern for everyone’s well being and full expression. His depth of knowledge on what it means to be a human, and how each of us can find our way to being at peace with ourselves and in full expression of our potential, never ceases to surprise and delight me. I know that anything he hears, both stated and unstated, will be kept in strictest confidence, and used always to enable me to achieve my heart’s desires. I would recommend him for serious consideration as a trusted advisor and valued ally to anyone.

Jahn Ballard, Value Creation Accounting Officer & Senior System Steward

I had the fortune to meet Jack when he visited England and we quickly connected and stayed in touch. Since then, I have had the opportunity to get to know him and work with him on a number of occasions.
Jack is an extremely knowledgeable bussinessman. He also knows how to use this knowledge to help others and he has a high level of people skills; combine these together and you have someone that stands out in a crowd and can help you make more of your life, in whatever area you need to improve in. If you have the opportunity to coonect with him, take it up as I did – you’ll benefit in a lot of ways.

Sanjay Shah, Executive Development & Leadership

Boost Confidence

By making small and deliberate changes, you will begin to recognize who you really are, not who you’re supposed to be according to the outside world. Gain the strength and steadiness that comes from understanding the real you and recognizing your true potential.

Business Consulting

Adopt a Success Mindset

Jack’s approach will trigger insights and innate tools that help you keep your eyes on the prize; and trigger a profound sense of gratitude and success in everything you do.

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Jack works with high performers, business owners, and holistic practitioners who have enjoyed at least one important success milestone in their work, and yet have become stuck, frustrated, burned out, and confused. Does this sound familiar? Do you feel like “the best kept secret” in your field? Are you afraid that you’ve somehow been capped from scalable expansion?

If that describes you on your journey to the next level, your business and marketing consultant and life coach can help you. Feel more present and focused while enjoying more success in business and life by scheduling a call with Jack Austin today.